• Borniguard

    Borniguard - Ceramic Paint

  • Use Borniguard on the slats of your laser table to reduce the amount of slag and spatter that builds up on slats. This will make cleaning the slats easier and will allow your slats to last longer. Two cans will cover the slats on a 5' x 10' table.

    Borniguard improves yield, reduces down time, and increases profit of welding and metal cutting processes.

    Borniguard is being adopted by quality welding and fabrication shops.



    • One spray coating will protect for over 4 hours of heavy welding/cutting - reduced down time 
    • Molten metal will not stick to ceramic - cleaner continuous welds and longer life of consumables
    • Easy to apply - fast drying and durable
    • Suits both manual and robotic welding and cutting
    • Apply to welding fixtures and jigs to repel spatter
    • ​Apply to cutting tips, fixtures and table slats
    • Far more effective than messy oil and gel anti-spatters that can cause porosity

    Borniguard is also used on Oxyfuel tips, MIG nozzles, other metal cutting tools, welding fixtures, and anything you want to prevent metal spatter from sticking to.


    1. Remove oils or dust for best adhesion.
    2. Shake aerosol can for 30 seconds.
    3. Apply ceramic anti-spatter on slats, tip, diffuser, nozzle or fixtures etc from 8” distance in thin cross-pattern layers.
    4. Wait until the film completely dries, about 60 seconds.

    IMPORTANT: Place the aerosol can at a safe distance away from the welding area. 

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Borniguard - Ceramic Paint

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